Thoughts About: Triumph Dining Gluten Free Dining Out Cards – English and Spanish

51j3EVs0IDL._SX271_BO1,204,203,200_Gluten Free Dining Out Cards (English and Spanish Edition) by Triumph Dining

These cards help to explain to restaurant staff (in both English and Spanish) that you need to dine gluten free.

I posted about these earlier in April and said I planned on picking some up since I have a trip planned to Central America, specifically Guatemala.

Well, I did order them and have had a chance to take a look at them.  I’ve been apprehensive about going to a country where I do not speak the language (I do speak a little spanish… a little) with Celiac Disease [See: About Me].  It’s not the traveling itself that has me on edge, I love to travel.  As always… It’s Celiac that’s the issue.  This is my first major trip since being diagnosed.

These cards have put me to ease, by a good bit.  They are much more detailed when I compare them to free cards or apps I’ve found.  I don’t want to publish a picture because these are a work of Triumph Dining and I don’t want to give away their hard work.  The cards contain the following sections.. First: A statement telling the waitperson that I have celiac disease and that I must eat a special diet.  It asks for their help to do that.  Then… “I Cannot Eat”, “Please Check” and “I can eat”.  Each of these areas contain additional information and examples.  There is a “Thank you” statement and finally a section on cross contamination.  One side of the card is in English and one is in Spanish.


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