Home Baked Gluten Free Buns using Simple Mills Artisan Bread Mix

I’m a huge fan of Simple Mills line of mixes and products.  Pancake Mix, Muffins/Cupcakes Mix,  their almond cracker, cookies and now, their Artisan Break mix.  The mixes are generally just a handful of simple ingredients that I would characterize and higher quality, better choice ingredients.

In this post, I adapt Simple Mills excellent gluten free bread mix for use as buns.

I used Norpro’s Puffy Muffin Top Pan to make the buns.  I liked the size (4″ wide by 1/2″) deep and the 6 wells ended up working perfectly for one complete box of mix.

A look at Simple Mills Artisan Bread Box

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts.  Six ingredients that you can read and pronounce.

This mix can be made in at least three different ways – Flatbread, Dinner Rolls and Loaf.  I had tried the dinner rolls for a holiday meal and was very impressed.  That encouraged me to give buns a try.

The buns/muffin tops – I used the dinner roll recipe for this batch

Prior to try the dinner roll variation, I tried the flat bread variation.  The flat bread recipe is on the right.  Far too dense to be considered a bun, in my opinion.  The flat bread attempt turned out well but really a lot more like a biscuit than a bun.

I sliced the buns while they were still warm

Toasting two buns on my Little Griddle (on my electric stovetop).  I love my Little Griddle!

The finish toasted buns!

A gluten free sloppy joe!

These turned out really, really well.  I have never found a store bought, ready made gluten free bun that I like.  They fall apart, they’re mealy, they don’t taste good and they’re expensive.   I’ve had good GF buns in restaurants, but nothing that I could use at home.  Really glad to have a fresh baked option with quality ingredients.  Thank you to Simple Mills for making awesome products!

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