Schar Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns – Two Tips

On the Fourth of July, I finally broke down and got some Schar Hot Dog Buns.  Normally, I do not miss buns.  I have no problem eating something with a knife and a fork and skipping the bun altogether.  There are a couple exceptions.  There is something about eating a hotdog or a brat in a bun with your hand that makes the experience so much better.

We grilled up some brats and I excitedly cracked these open.  The first brat was, well… bad.  The second one was much, much better.  Here’s what I did…

  1.  The rolls were cut, but now I’m wondering if they are intended to be only partially cut.  The cuts weren’t near deep enough.  Our brats nearly sat on top of the buns.  I cut the rolls a bit more to let the brat sit in the bun lower and hold toppings and such.
  2. I microwaved each bun for 15 seconds or so.

After these two modifications, my son’s eyes lit up.  He said.. “I didn’t want to complain before, but that last one was bad, these are so much better now”

Big difference.  The warmth provided by a short microwave of these, makes them soft and chewy and makes a world of difference.  That combined with cutting them a bit more moved them from a 1 or 2 star to a 4 star to me.

 Schar Gluten Free Hot Dog Rolls – via Amazon

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