Kitchen Gadgets: T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer


Since I have Celiac Disease [About Me], I can’t eat fried foods at most restaurants because of cross-contamination concerns.  At the end of the day… that’s probably a good thing.  Truth be told, I ate too much fried food pre CD.  Having said that, I would still like the concessional fried whatever.  I’ve been shopping around, compare reviews, cost and features and just settled on the T-fal FR8000 EZ Clean Deep Fryer.

It has… a 2.65 lb food capacity, a 3.5 liter oil capacity and includes a two position basket (1 position for frying and one for draining).  It has an immersed heating element and (of course) an adjustable thermostat. 1,700 Watt heating element.

One of the features that got me was the automatic oil filtration system.  When you activate this the FR8000 filters the oil and drains it into a separate sealed plastic container for easy storage.  Some of the components are also dishwasher safe.

img_purchI’m looking forward to giving this a try!

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