Chicago: Chef’s Table: Green Bean – A Gluten-Free Dining Event


June 27, 2016 at Green Bean Restaurants in Chicago, IL.


Chef’s Table Events bring foodies together in an exclusive, intimate setting. Each restaurant we visit takes care to show off its best, and each experience is exquisite, unique and is an ideal way to explore Chicagoland’s culinary scene without spending a fortune.
Don’t let the phrase “fast food” fool you. This new concept is chef-driven and offers a healthy menu of locally sourced cuisine that is entirely gluten-free!

Opened in 2015, Green Bean is redefining fast food with meals that are physician-approved, non-GMO and gluten free at affordable, accessible prices.

Executive Chef Mike Watson has teamed with co-founders Aaron Bush, who has a background in both the medical field and food service, and respected Dr. Srinivas Ravanam, M.D., M.P.H., to bring an elite pedigree to the healthy transformation of fast, fairly-priced food.

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