We do something new – food safety advocacy


I just updated our Topics Covered page.  That is, in a sense, or expanded mission statement.

One of those changes was…

“Act as an advocate for safe food and practices for the Celiac and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive (NCGS) community.”

Why? There are some awesome food options – both for home use and preparation and celiac and NCGS friendly restaurants.

There are also some pretty crummy restaurant options.  I don’t mind if you, as a restaurant, say to me… we don’t have any safe options for you, you really need to move on.  I understand that you see this as a financial decision.  You’ve decided that the customer base that cares about this isn’t large enough to accommodate.  That’s fine.  I don’t love it, but I can respect it.

My favorite option is of course… a restaurant that serves delicious, high quality food and does it in a way that’s safe for people who are sensitive to gluten.  Case in point… Mellow Mushroom

Three negative experiences that I don’t care for…

  1. To be dismissed, demeaned or laughed at.  I think that this is sometimes a defense mechanism for people.  They may not intend to be mean or rude, but they truly have no idea what you’re talking about.  That causes them to act poorly instead of taking the time understand.
  2. Rushed, uncaring responses.  I understand the restaurant business can be hectic and busy.  If you don’t have time to talk to me, just tell me you’re not a safe place or that you don’t care.
  3. Being told everything is going to be fine and dandy, that your restaurant has safe procedures, that you’re going to “take care of it yourself”, etc.  Only to get sick.  Either do it or don’t do it.  Don’t tell me you’re doing it to get my money and then make me sick.

Food safety is an important issue regardless of gluten issues.  Restaurants, should be trained how to handle food safety.

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