Nima Portable Gluten Sensor – 20% Discount + Shipping Update


The Nima Portable Gluten Sensor is a pocket sized lab that you can take with you to test gluten content of food.  Put the food in question in a one time use capsule and two minutes later Nima will give you results.

“Designed in San Francisco by a team from MIT, Stanford, Google, and Nike. Nima brings together the best in chemistry, engineering, and design.”

Nima is being offered at a 20% discount while in pre-order

Check it out – Nima Portable Gluten Sensor

An update I just received from Nima:

During the last nine months, during numerous rounds of testing, we have learned valuable information about the usability and function of Nima. Instead of waiting to incorporate that feedback into subsequent generations, we have decided to make those changes right away. As a result, we will be shipping our Nima pre-orders this fall. We want Nima to be the best it can be and can’t wait to get it in your hands. As soon as we can, we will provide further detail on more exact ship dates.

As a pre-order customer myself, I’m a little bummed that this shipping date has been pushed back, however… I’m very glad they decided make updates and add additional features to the unit!  Thank you Nima!  I’m looking forward to having this tool.

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