Nima: 40% Of “Gluten Free” Foods Tested Outside the Home… NOT Gluten Free

I pre-ordered the Nima Sensor.  If you’re not familiar the Nima Sensor is an on the go gluten detection device.  A pea sized sample and a couple of minutes tell you if the sample contains gluten.

I have not received my Nima Sensor yet.  Delivery has been delayed on at least two occasions.  That’s been a bit frustrating for me, but I understand it.  But still… Nima… Send me my sensor!  Update: my Nima shipped the day after this post went live.  Yay!

Ok, enough venting, back to the subject at hand.  While skulking around Nima’s website for clues as to when I’ll actually get my sensor, I came across an article that says in part…

In our early data from pre-order customers on the Nima app, we have seen that 40 percent of foods tested outside of the home that were supposed to be gluten-free have come back positive for gluten

One of the cool things about Nima is you can share your test results and view test results of other users.  The fact that an estimated 40% of supposedly gluten free food outside the home actually contains gluten is frustrating to me, but not surprising.  It’s been my experience that restaurant staff are, generally speaking, either poorly trained or just do not care.  It’s my hope that real time feedback will be a force for good when it comes to eating out gluten free.

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