Me Being a Celiac: Too Much Raw Food

I have Celiac Disease [About Me].

It’s taken me nearly a year and a half to figure this out, but, I have come to the conclusion that eating too many raw vegetables is a real issue for me.

I first read of this issue in one of the first books I read on Celiac Disease – Jennifer’s Way.  Jennifer Esposito remarked that this was a problem for her.

Although I continued to feel quite crummy.  I didn’t think that too many raw foods were a real issue to me (I’m also not saying they were the cause of all my problems a year and a half ago).  I figured if I had a problem with too many raw vegetables and fruits, I would have some sort of GI reaction, which I did not.

Advice ignored.

Fast forward a year and half-ish.  Even though I’ve adhered to a strict gluten free diet, I still continued to periodically feel crummy, without knowing why.

On the plane ride on a recent trip (heading to Florida and eventually on a cruise [See: Gluten Free on Royal Caribbean]) I finished reading Eat Dirt by Dr Josh Axe.  Again, I read mention of issues with too much raw food.  Again, I reasoned, this is not an issue I have.

Turning point.  In Florida we ate a completely gluten free, vegan, raw restaurant.  Within an hour or so I felt horrible and continued to fill ill through the next morning.

At this time, I also recalled that I started to feel ill after drinking my typical lunchtime smoothie AFTER I started adding Spirulina to the smoothie in heaping portions.

In all of these cases, I did not have specific GI symptoms, generally I just feel yucky, tired and blah.  It’s almost as if my GI tract has too much work and tells the rest of my body – slow down, this is going to be bad.

Since, I have tried to limit raw vegetables and fruits and have noticed a marked difference.  I feel better.  I still eat raw foods, I just try to do so in moderation.  I still make a smoothie, I just don’t put as much fruit in and I only use a pinch of spirulina.  For me, this was some advice I was ignoring, that seems to have made a big difference.

I feel like I also have a similar reaction of I ingest too many probiotic-type things.  As of this posting, I’m currently taking one Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care per day and that seems to be working well.  I can also drinking a Kombucha or two without issue.

I’m also not saying raw foods were/are the cause of all my issues.  I’m confused as to why I still seem to have this issue, but it seems I do.  Hopefully over time it will become less and less of an issue.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a recommendation to you.  This is not medical advice.  The following is for informational purposes only.  Before making a changes to your diet, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional to see what choices are right for you.


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