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Amy’s Gluten Free Rice Mac & Cheese.  On my list of Gluten Free Things I Actually Like

I wrote to Amy’s Kitchen to ask if they had procedures in place to guard against cross contamination and I also asked if they test their gluten free foods for gluten content.  Note that what follows is their response to me personally.  Ingredients and procedures can change over time, check with manufacturers to get up to date information.

Response received 8/11/16…

Thank you for your inquiry.

We currently make more than 100 gluten free products, and we were one of the pioneers in producing a wide range of gluten free meals. Amy’s gluten free products do not contain any ingredients derived from wheat, rye, barley or oats (unless the oats are gluten free).

In 2007 we set up a lab to begin testing each batch of gluten free products to ensure that they meet the FDA Gluten Free requirement of <20 ppm. We continue to do this so that we can be sure that our food meets this requirement.

In addition to testing each batch, a wide range of cross-checks are completed to ensure that cross-contact or accidental use of the wrong ingredient does not happen in our facilities. Our vendor approval processes, cleaning procedures, and ingredient testing all help to address the risk of cross-contact.

We hope this helps answer your question.

Warm regards,

Consumer Relations Coordinator

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