KitchenAid 9-Cup Wide Mouth Food Processor [Refurbished]…. $59.99 Shipped


Since going gluten free [because I have Celiac disease] we have really expanded on kitchen capabilities and are continuing to do so.  I want to be able to make everything at home.  I’ve been looking at this exact same food processor for a while and had not made the purchase yet.  Looking through eBay’s deal page today, I found this.  The 9 cup size (manufacturer refurbished) for… $59 with free shipping.  That’s a straight up bargain.  I’m ordering one of these.

KitchenAid 9-Cup Wide Mouth Food Processor RR-KFP0930 Large Exact Slice 11 Color – $59.99 + Free Shipping!  This is a featured daily (4/10/16) and I’m guessing it will not last long.

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