If you miss Saison Beers, Check Out… Citizen Cider [Gluten Free] Wit’s Up Cider

On our most recent trip to Chicago [See: Gluten Free in Chicago! – A Celiac’s Visitor Guide] we stopped by a Binny’s [local liquor store chain] to see if they carried any new GF beers.  They did not.  They did have Glutenberg and I picked up a couple four packs of that.

While we were there, we stumbled across a Citizen Cider tasting.  They had some really delicious naturally gluten free hard apple ciders.  Our two favorites were their Cascade Dry Hopped and their Wit’s Up Cider.

The Wit’s Up was particularly interesting because they use a wild Saison yeast.  The net result is something very similar to the Saison beer style, which, to my knowledge, is not available from any gluten free brewery.

Citizen Cider is out of Vermont and the furthest east they get is Chicago.  If in an area where they’re available and you miss Saisons from your gluten filled days, Wit’s Up is totally worth a try.

Citizen Cider | Wit’s Up

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