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Although commercial gluten free beer options are increasing in number and quality, they are still few and far between.  If you were a craft beer lover before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease or another serious gluten related condition…. the beer-scape can be depressing.

As GF folks tend to… make our own.  You can do the same with beer.

The thing is, only a few homebrew shops carry supplies and those supplies are generally slim.  Also cross contamination can be a concern, since most homebrew shops are chock full of gluten containing ingredients.

Enter Gluten Free Home Brewing.  GFHB is a shop dedicated to offering gluten free supplies and brewing resources.  Since GFHB is dedicated gluten free there is no serious risk of CC with gluten containing ingredients.

Ingredient offerings include – malted gluten free grains… malted millet (pale, caramillet, crystal millet, medium, chocolate, dark roasted), buckwheat malt and Eckert Malting’s malted rice – crystal, amber, James’ brown, dark, gas hog, biscuit – and more.  Along with ready made recipe kits (both extract and all grain) hops, yeast and more.

Gluten Free Home Brewing also offers how-tos, tutorials on GF Brewing along with a recipe sharing platform.

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