Freshly – All Natural, Gluten Free Meals Delivered to your Door – Save 50%!


Recently a friend told me about Blue Apron.  That’s a subscription service that delivers fresh food for you to cook yourself.  Since I have Celiac Disease, of course, I adhere to a strict, gluten free diet.  I headed over to Blue Apron’s website and unfortunately, as of this posting “Blue Apron Gluten Free”… is not a thing.

That got me to wondering does a gluten free meal service exist.  Enter… Freshly


Freshly meals are gluten free, packed with protein, free from added sugars and all natural.  Whammo!

You get to choose how many meals you want per week and you get to choose which meals you want.

Freshly is a bit different from Blue Apron in that these are single meals that are already prepared.  Note that the meals come fresh not frozen.

I decided to give it a try!

This link, gets you 50% off your first delivery of four meals.  No promo or coupon code is required.  Just use the link above.  Prices include delivery (guessing just to US addresses).

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Always check ingredients to confirm gluten free status.  If in doubt, contact the manufacturer with questions.