Dear Mellow Mushroom…. Thank You! – now with Nima Test


As a newer gluten intolerant Celiac [About Me] I have been able to find many foods that I do like.  Some of the things that we made at home were already gluten free and some just needed a little bit of tweaking.  That being said I have struggled to find a gluten free pizza that I really enjoyed.  Yes, they all looked like pizzas, but no, none of them were really actually good.

We had to make a Costco run last night and decided to give Mellow Mushroom a try.

I spoke with the server about gluten free options and she assured me that their location took cross contamination seriously.  Reading the GF menu closely it read… “Our cooks have been trained on the importance of preventing cross contamination.  The kitchen will wash hands, put on fresh gloves and a fresh apron, and only use gluten-free dedicated cooking utensils and ingredients. Everything is made to order, and prepared in a separate area. A screen pan is used during the baking process so the gluten-free crust never makes direct contact with the pizza stone”.

Ummm…. Yes!

Options include House Special, Gourmet White, Mighty Meat, Veg Out, Kosmic Karma and Cheese.  A variety of sauce options and toppings are available if you want to put your own pizza together.

We had the house special and it was delicious!  Crust and toppings were just outstanding.  I also had no gluten reaction.

According to the menu Mellow Mushroom uses Smart Flour Foods crust.  See: Smart Flour on Amazon

Here is an online copy of their menu.  That looks much the same, maybe identical to the menu I was given.  Of course, you’ll always want to verify gluten free options and procedures with your server and restaurant management.

Well done Mellow Mushroom!  Thank you for doing gluten free safely and deliciously!  You’ve earned yourself a new, regular customer!

Update: This post was originally written in May of 2016.  I have since eaten at my local Mellow Mushroom many times and continue to have great experiences.  I have since gotten a Nima Sensor Gluten Detector.

Nima Gluten Test 1/27/17 – Gluten Free House Special.  The smiley face indicates that this sample tested gluten free.

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