Me and B – My Celiac Disease Journey Continues



I’ve written about B vitamins on at least a couple of occasions.  [Vitamins I take] and [A missing nutritional link for me?]

Disclaimer: This is a story about me and my symptoms.  This is in no way a recommendation to you.  This is not medical advice.  The following is for informational purposes only.

As far as supplementing B vitamins I have taken the following for quite some time, 1 tablet of each per day…

Recently I ran out of the Country Life B Complex and didn’t think a lot about it.  I planned to order more, but didn’t get around to it for a while.

Somewhere in that timeframe I started to experience some issues/symptoms that had gone away for the most part.

  • Facial tics/spasms.  I have one spot on the left side of my nose that spasms.  When its doing it, it does it regularly and it drives me crazy.  I had this on and off for years prior to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  It largely went away after switching to a strict gluten free diet.
  • Assorted tics, spasms, cramps and numbness all over the place.

At first, I didn’t put the two things together.  Thinking this may be related to a vitamin issue (but somehow missing the obvious), I started taking Magnesium supplements.  No change.  Then I tried Potassium.  No positive changes.  If anything, increasing my Potassium seemed to make it work.

More Internet searching, turned up another possibility, my old friend… B vitamins.

I re-ordered the co-enzyme complex and started taking it again.  It helped, but slowly and not completely.  Given time, I think it would have resolved.

I decided to try doubling up on B.  Initially I took two at the same time.  Of course, no change.  My body was only absorbing x amount, doubling up didn’t help because I didn’t absorb anymore.

I then decided to take one in the morning and one at lunch.  Whammo.

This made a quick and marked improvement nearly completely resolving all ticks and spasms.  I’ve also been sleeping much better.

I believe that B vitamin deficiencies have been the cause of a good number of my symptoms.  I believe that Celiac Disease has caused my body to absorb some vitamins poorly.

I have now started to rotate between two B complexes, again, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I’m not suggested you do this.  This is not medical advice.  I’m only letting you know what seems to have worked for me.

Before making a change to your supplement, vitamin or nutritional regimen, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional to see what choices are right for you.

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