Backlash Against the Gluten Free Diet


Caution: Rant Ahead…

I just read an article in Yahoo Beauty [probably the root of the problem] of all places on eating gluten free.  I hesitate to even link to it, but here it is… Here’s the real reason your friend’s ‘gluten-free’ diet is probably making them feel better

First of all, the article is inaccurate at at least one major point… suggesting that gluten sensitivity is “probably not true.”  The people behind Yahoo Beauty may want to talk to the fine folks at Columbia University… Gluten sensitivity may be caused by immune response, study finds

Of course, I have celiac disease so no one with a couple of brain cells to rub together would suggest that I eat anything other than gluten free.  What this is about is ganging up on a group of people that participate in a perceived annoying behavior (eating gluten free) for the purpose of driving internet traffic.  The problem with that is that people read the headline and not much else and don’t really look into the facts.  and… the annoyance and misinformation is perpetuated.

If there is a real issue here, it is a lack of awareness about Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity.  Read Jennifer Esposito’s Story and you’ll soon understand the seriousness of this issue.  It’s a serious and sometimes life threatening condition.

It can take years and years for people to be diagnosed with CD.  That’s not funny and it’s not cute, it’s serious.  I don’t know how many such headlines or articles my general practitioner read to come up with the conclusion that I was… crazy to think I had a problem with gluten.  All I can say is…  Thank you to Google for your part in my self diagnosis.

I’ve talked with plenty of people that have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and still others that just feel better eating gluten free.

At the end of the day… What does anyone care what anyone else eats.  I say to those the web “news sources” that help perpetuate misinformation to make a buck… shame on you for throwing people under the bus.

Gluten… it’s an issue for a lot of people.

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